Sep 12 2018

Look at this line up of workshops!

Dennis Bragg – “From the Past We See the Future”
The trials we saw in church history helps show us the future.

Tim and Heather Garrett – “Through the Strength of the Lord”
Through trials in their life, they have grown to rely on the Lord.  Tim and Heather will share their experiences in trusting in Him to overcome challenges.

Walter E Hill – “Are Science and Religion Ever Compatible”
A thoughtful analysis by Bro. (Dr.) Hill will briefly survey this question and discuss several examples.

Craig McHood – “Living the Gospel Intentionally”
Craig will share how living the gospel intentionally helps bring peace and build strength.

Jim Parker – “What Can We Learn from the Most Famous Single Adult in the Church”
A discussion about how the Book of Mormon can provide a roadmap for living single in the Latter Days.

William and Margaret Parke – “Going to the Temple to be Healed”
As temple workers, they will talk about the blessing of attending the temple.

Sandi Stevens – “What Am I to Do Now?  I Didn’t Get my Letter”
How do you know if you are going down the right path?  Sandi will be talking about how the Holy Ghost directs our life.

Sep 06 2018

2018 Regional Single Adult Conference ~ Register now!

The 2018 Regional Conference tab, is a drop down tab that will give you all the information for the conference and allow you to register for the conference.

Please share with your friends so we can have even more people attend this fun and uplifting event!

Please call Debbie Lawton with any questions.  406-360-6729.

Jun 24 2018

2018 Regional Single Adult Conference with featured speaker Kim Gibbs



Kim Gibbs is a convert to the Church, joining when she was 19 years old. She and her husband Brad live in Stevensville, Montana and she is currently serving as a Seminary Teacher. Kim loves to play golf, garden, fish and bird watch. She has written a book called “Make a You Turn,” and has recorded 4 motivational CDs that are available at Seagull Bookstores.


Jun 24 2018

2018 Regional Conference registration is open

Registration is open!

See the 2018 Regional Conference tab above for information on the conference, registration and information on housing options.

Kim Gibbs will be our featured speaker on Saturday and she is giving every participant who comes a copy of her book Make a “You” Turn.

Friday night we will have a band, Double Down, who sings a mix of music and Saturday night DJ Todd Mclean will play a variety of music.

We are still working on our workshop presenters, but you will have a fabulous time so get signed up and tell all your friends.  Please remember it is a home football game so you will want to make your hotel reservations early.  See the housing tab for hotels and rates.

May 27 2018

Flyer for the 2018 Regional Single Adult Conference


Registration will be open starting June 1.

Regional Conference Flyer

Feb 21 2018

2018 Regional Single Adult Conference Announcement

Mark your calendars! The 2018 Regional Single Adult Conference will be held September 21 – 23 in Missoula. This year’s theme is “There is a Way Home”. Details are coming soon!

There will be no Hootnanny this year.

Mar 21 2017

2017 Regional Single Adult Conference Featured Speaker: Al Fox Carraway

Al Fox Carraway is a convert to the church and has been a popular blogger, Youtuber, and award winning Public speaker. She has been on the cover of LDS Living Magazine and countless radio interviews, tv interviews and everything in between.

She has traveled the countryside for 5 years and counting, speaking with well known speakers like John Bytheway, Brad Wilcox, and General Young Women’s President, Bonnie Oscarson. Just recently she spoke to over 24,000 people with Elder Neil L. Anderson at RootsTech.

Al won the Community Speaker award in 2014, presented by the Dean of BYU, and the Women + Biz Award in 2016, presented by the mayor of Provo.

Sister Carraway will be our featured speaker on September 16th.